plotino asked 4 years ago

I need to include another blog page here. as I do?

which has to appear here

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Hoa Nguyen answered 4 years ago

For the category/taxonomy/blog pages , we only provide these 2 layout styles.


plotino answered 4 years ago

Thanks, I know that only two styles blog is provided …
But I made another blog3 without sidebar, and I need to choose it.
Because I’m going to put in this code I do not want to share either made ​​by you.
then, where I put to take my blog3. where?

thang.tran answered 4 years ago


We are so sorry,
Currently, Layout Management don’t allow dynamic add new layout.

If you want create and use new blog page. Please read guide bellow

Kopa Theme

alsmaison answered 4 years ago

Is it possible to add in the Nictitate Premium theme new basic layouts to be able to have for all category of layouts the possibility to have full width page :
– Home (currently we have Blog1 & Blog2)
– Post (currently we have Single1 & Single2)
– taxonomy (currently we have Blog1 & Blog2)
– search (currently we have Blog1 & Blog2)
– archive (currently we have Blog1 & Blog2)
– shop page (currently we have Shop)
– Single product page (currently we have Single Product)
– Product archive page (currently we have Product Taxonomy)

admin answered 4 years ago

@alsmaison: I think it is OK, we wil do in the update. By the way, can you please post your question to right forum for easy management. Thanks


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This is a great and wonderfull theme, i was worried because the design look so professional but the manual make everything easy. Thanks Guys! you make a wonderfull job, KOPA Themes is my favorite!


Great theme and very professional support team that is very quick to help in anything concerning the template.

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