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Custom Shortcodes

It would be impossible to remember the syntax of all shortcodes available options associated with it. Our shortcode generator is an easy way for you to place a shortcode in the theme to display the content. Within the Page or Post or Kopa Text Widget, you can see the Visual Shortcode. Just click on the shortcode you need, then it will be added to the content so you can remember the syntax of every shortcode easier.

This theme comes with following shortcodes to display the content:

  • Column shortcode: 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 1/4, 3/4
  • Dropcap shortcode
  • Button shortcode
  • Alert box shortcode
  • Tabs Shortcode
  • Accordions shortcode
  • Toggles shortcode
  • A block latest post
  • A block popular post
  • A block most comment post
  • A block random post
  • Contact form shortcode
  • Google Map shortcode
  • Youtube shortcode
  • Vimeo shortcode
  • Audio shortcode
  • Pricing Table

For example: If you want to add Google map to a page, click Page » Add New » Visual, then click on the default symbol as shown in the bellow image:

What people say?


This is a great and wonderfull theme, i was worried because the design look so professional but the manual make everything easy. Thanks Guys! you make a wonderfull job, KOPA Themes is my favorite!


Great theme and very professional support team that is very quick to help in anything concerning the template.

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