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Common WordPress Glitches and How to Solve Them

WordPress is now a new trend in the world of website development. This platform has made the process of creating websites extremely easy and attractive. It is open source software that provides lots of benefits for the users. WordPress provides various types of automatic plugins that help in improving the functionality of the blogging websites. Theme plugins give a new attractive interface to your website and present you simple blogs in an attractive manner. Millions of users are there who are taking advantage of this platform which is now more used as the content management tool. As the website is offering a huge range of tools and options for making your site attractive and functional, there are high chances that something turns wrong.  There are numbers of problems that can arise before the WordPress users which are needed to be handled effectively.

Common problems with WordPress software

It is frustrating for the users to experience the problems in WordPress. Most of the times the problems are solved easily but there are chances that users can get stuck with those problems. WordPress may get the little haywire and WordPress tools may not work efficiently as they are supposed to. It is obvious that if you are not aware of the common problems that can arise with WordPress, you will panic or fret down easily. So, it is important that before you get started with WordPress software for hosting your blog site, you should learn about the common problems with WordPress.

Here are some of the most common problems that are likely to trouble you anytime while you are using WordPress:

  1. 500 Internal Server Error: A lot of WordPress users face this common error. This type of error message is displayed on your WordPress site when its .htaccess file is corrupted. Conflicting plugin and corrupt WordPress software installation are the other causes for this type of error display message.

Solution: To fix this type of error, there is a need to access FTP on your server. Find .htaccess file in the root directory of your WordPress installation and rename this file.  If your website reloads easily, you are required to generate a new .htaccess file for your WordPress site. Deactivation of the plugin is another method by which 500 Internal Server Error can be resolved.

  1. Maintenance Mode Error: This type of error arises every time when you update the WordPress site. Temporary .maintenance file is automatically created and when this file is not removed even after the update, this type of error arises.

Solution: WP root directory is needed to be accessed through FTP. Now, there is a need to delete the .maintenance file to resolve the problem of error.

  1. Locked Out Admin: Many of the new users of WordPress, face this type of problem. It occurs when the user forgets his username or password to access the WordPress site and has no longer accessibility to the recovery mails. Faulty plugin is also the cause for this type of problem in WordPress. It may try to change the password of your WordPress site. Hacked site also makes the admin locked out.

Solution: Install the automatic security plugin tool to enhance the security of your WordPress site.  Keep a check on your username and password. Make sure that you are using the simple and easy to remember username and password. Another easy solution to recover the password is to:

  1. Click on phpMyAdmin which is under the option Databases
  2. Click on WordPress Database
  • select wp_users,  then click on Browse
  1. now click on username and edit it
  2. reset your password
  1. Admin dashboard is not displaying properly: In case, all the links are not properly arranged on WordPress site, or the display of the site is not proper, there is a problem.  This interrupts the appearance of your website and makes it difficult for the users to navigate through your web pages.

Solution:  There are two solutions for resolving the problem of improper display of the dashboard. These solutions include upgrade of WordPress plugin and ensure that Internet is secured with proxy firewall.  When the automation tools of WordPress block the CSS files, these are not uploaded easily. Hence, it creates problem in proper display.

  1. Error 145: This error is visible when WordPress database gets corrupted. It cannot get corrected until the database of WordPress is repaired or deleted completely.

Solution:  Use the automation tool for repairing the database. This can be done by the installation of the best automation tool.  It can be done easily by using the tool phpMyAdmin.

  1. login to phpMyAdmin
  2. select WP database
  • select the checkbox from repair table which you want to repair
  1. create backup
  2. WordPress Plugin not working: Many times, the users face problem when the WordPress plugins which have been tested correctly in the past do not work later. This can create a problem for the users to handle their site and often affect the functionality of the website.

Solution: There is a need to download the latest plugin for WordPress. This will help in adding new features to your plugin.  This helps in fixing lots of bugs that can create trouble for the users in creating the websites. WordPress plugins on which you have been working for a longer time should be upgraded with the latest version of it.

  1. You are not able to block spam from my comments section: if you have turned on the comment section, there are chances that you can get the spam in your comment box. Hence, it can be difficult for you to identify the spam.

Solution:  Install the automatic tool for the detection of spam. It will also manage the comment section on your WordPress site.

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Vinod kardam is one of the most enthusiastic website developer and blogger. He has contributed about 5 years in IT industry. His eagerness to explore and share information has enabled him to write several blogs in different categories.  He has experienced lots of challenges in developing websites and blogging but eventually, his will power has enabled him to find the best solution always.

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