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    The Circle KopaTheme is conflicting with many different plugins on my site. I tested it by deactivating the Circle theme and activating the Twenty Fifteen them on my site. After deactivating the Circle theme, all of the issues I was having with my site, which I thought were problems with the plugins conflicting with each other, went away. The plugins worked properly in the Twenty Fifteen theme on my site. So, I believe the problem is with the Circle theme.

    Here are the issues I am having, kindly fix the problems so that my theme / site starts working properly:

    bbPress Forums —


    1. FORUM PAGE doesn’t display properly — there are little bullet like circles in front of all of the text items on the page. They shouldn’t be there and I would like to get ride of them.

    2. BUTTONS — SEARCH and SUBMIT buttons on forum page did not inherit my theme (on registered users page) —

    3. SUBSCRIBE LINK TEXT overlaps breadcrumb navigation on Forums pages

    BuddyForms Ultimate Members —

    1. BUTTONS Didn’t Inheriting My Theme

    2. SUBMIT BUTTONS did not inherit my theme —

    Ultimate Members —

    1. BUTTONS — all the buttons in the Ultimate Member plugin did’t inherit my theme (i.e., Search, Add Friends, All Members, Complete Sign Up).

    2. This includes buttons on the User page and the Member Directory. —

    3. FORM NOT DISPLAYING PROPERLY — I thought the form was supposed to be in one column down the centre of the page —

    Business Directory Plugin —

    1. BUTTONS — all buttons did not inherit my theme (view, edit, delete, back to directory, find listing, directory, view all listing, create a listing) —

    Ask Me Anything —

    1. BUTTONS — Ask Anonymously (submit) buttons did not inherit my theme —

    I hope that someone is able to help me with this support issue.

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