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    Is there a video or more info on how to use the Layout Manager in this theme? And how it works with the widgets. I’ve been looking at the html documenation but still struggling to understand how to gain control of the layout of my home page. Thank you.



    You can watch some video tutorials:
    How to customize widgets in Circle- Magazine WordPress theme?

    How to customize widgets in Circle- Blog WordPress Theme ?

    They’re not video tutorials directly to Bold but can help you understand the layout manager.



    Thanks, I watched it a couple times-it shows how to populate widgets for home page, but not how to populate widgets for Post or other Pages. And the documentation simply states edit sidebar for “Post”. How do I do this? The only thing I see is a rename, but when I rename those widget areas, it affect the Home Page.

    Also the twitter feed does not work, tried a couple accounts.

    If you have a way to relay how this works, that would help.




    I think thanh4890 is wrong because Bold is using older version of Layout Manager (not as same as Circle theme)
    Here is video related to Layout Manager that is used with Bold:



    The guide shared by @thanh4890 is actually effective and that is also the one I am using.. although there are aspects of developing that I am not that expert of so I have used the service of, so far, I was able to conclude that I am satisfied with the result of my small business site.,,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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